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AKJ Industries is a leading firm of ID Fan Manufacturers in the market. We are working with a trained team of professional engineers who are coming up with the better solutions in the various sectors of the market. We are utilizing the best quality of raw material which is been sourced from the exclusive vendors in the market. We are known as the Industrial ID Fan Manufacturers in the market. These are made in the cost effective advance technological solutions. We are offering you the well-engineered fans which arte inbuilt with the draft blowers.

These blowers are made up of high volume and are made to manage the hot gas or say the hot air. The blowers functions directly and above it these are made belt driven through flexible couplings. The impellers which are fitted with these fans are made welded and assembles dynamically balanced in structure. These are suitable to work at 300℃ temperature. These fans are made to be applicable at Boiler exhaust to carry away the hot air. These are also used in spray dryers, suction duty and in various dust collection applications like vacuum, etc. We are the Leading Industrial ID Fan Manufacturers in India.

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