FBD (Fluid Bed Drayer)

Fluid Bed Drayer
FBD is the abbreviation of Fluid Bed Dryer Bag. FBD Bag is commonly employed in pharmaceutical food and chemical industry. FBD Bag is precisely made multi tube filter bags for optimum filtration area in a confined space. Now a day’s FBD Bag is available made up of different variety of superior quality cloths as per the need of the substance involved in drying. FBD bag is manufactured using the premium quality raw materials. FBD Bag, which is used in pharmaceutical industry is highly performance oriented . Because these are manufactured of using the latest sophisticated technology. Fabrication design of for FBD bag is offered for all makes and model of fluid beg dryer systems. Now days a lot of standard products with most existing cap and skirt designs FBD bag are available in the market. FBD bag guaranties for easy set up and perfect fit with fluid bed dryers on the basis of its high quality.FBD bag is also customized for specific need and dryer equipment