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AKJ Industries is a leading firm involved in the manufacturing of Dust collector cyclone system . We are making the best range of dust collector cyclone system which are made suitable to soak all the dust and leave the environment clean.

In the environment, the dust blows along with the air and gases all around the atmosphere. And, it is the basic need of the time to separate the dust from all other gases to make the atmosphere cleaner. These gases should be pure for respiration by the human being. Thus, the dust collector cyclone systems are made to be utilized for centrifugally separating the dust from the air or gas stream with a basic cyclonic effect. This systems work in a process where the gas stream enters the cyclone separator through the inlet which is a kind of opening at the top edge of the collector. The steam thus enters the inlet tangentially and then the gas and the particulate matter spiral down against each other and dust get removed from the air by the centrifugal force. The particulate matter gets deposited on the wall where as the material will fall into the receiver. The gas along with the particulate which gets removed seeks the vortex and then exits into the atmosphere by transforming into clean air.

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